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Welcome to the foremost website for all things luxury at Disney Destinations. When I set out to write my book, The Luxury Guide to Walt Disney World® Resort, it was my desire to debunk the myth that Walt Disney World is a destination that only caters to the masses. I wanted to design a guidebook for those who wish to experience Walt Disney World Resort in style by staying in the most luxurious resorts, dining at the preeminent restaurants, and enjoying top-drawer entertainment like never imagined. My book helped thousands of people plan and enjoy an unforgettable Walt Disney World vacation that is nothing short of spectacular. And because readers wanted to know more about the luxury side of other Disney Destinations, I also wrote The Luxury Guide to Disney Vacations. I now share and update all things luxury Disney on this website.

With more than 40 years of experience as a travel consultant along with my highly specialized knowledge of this magical vacation destination, I offer customized Disney vacation planning by personally trained luxury travel advisors to those desiring a first-rate Disney vacation experience. Your travel advisor will consult with you and consider every possible detail to arrange a first-class vacation filled with the very best that Disney has to offer. They will help you discover the sophisticated side of Disney and ensure that you experience Disney like royalty.

Thank you!

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