Grizzly Peak

The most iconic setting in the park, after Cars Land’s Cadillac Range, is the 110-foot granite Grizzly Peak surrounded by roaring waterfalls. In this area of the park, take a thrilling whitewater rafting trip down a California river in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at Grizzly River Run, then search the forested paths of the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail and earn your Wilderness Explorer Badge. And don’t forget to celebrate the heyday of California’s aviation history where you’ll board the ultimate aerial attraction, Soarin’ Around California.

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  • Grizzly River Run

    Grizzly River Run

  • Grizzly Peak area

    Grizzly Peak area

  • Grizzly Peak

    Grizzly Peak

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Grizzly River Run

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

At Disney’s very best children’s play area, inspired after Russell in the Pixar film Up, kids will want to spend hours enjoying all it has to offer. Pick up an activity map at the entrance and search forested paths on your way to earning a Senior Wilderness Explorer Badge with completion of six tasks: tracking, bravery, wolf howl, animal spirit, rock climbing, and puzzle-solving. Find each on your map as you romp and play in a woodland setting filled with pine trees, tire slides, rocks for climbing, rope bridges, lookout points, tree tunnels, and training towers.

Soarin' Over California

After rising 40 feet inside a 180-degree, 80-foot IMAX projection dome, you’re completely surrounded with an exhilarating international adventure round the world. Soar above the majestic Great Wall of China, Switzerland’s Matterhorn, Egypt’s Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, Iguazu Falls in South America or the spectacular Sydney Harbour, experiencing the joy of hang gliding. This is one fantastic ride!

10-minute ride. Minimum height: 40 inches. Not recommended for expectant mothers or those with motion sickness or heart, back, or neck problems.

Cara’s Tip: Ask for the first row and the middle of the theater. If you are not in the first row you’ll be a bit distracted with the dangling feet above you.

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