Pandora - The World of AVATAR

Disney has outdone itself with the creation of the awe-inspiring land of Pandora. Avatar’s Valley of Mo’ara is jaw-dropping with massive floating mountains, flowing streams and waterfalls, exotic plants that come to life each evening, and roaming tour guides from Alpha Centauri Expeditions. The latter regale you with the values and culture of Pandora. And what’s more, this overwhelming beautiful land glows with bioluminescent plants after dark, making it a requirement that you plan for at least one evening here during your stay.

  • Hanging Mountains of Pandora

    Hanging Mountains of Pandora

  • You are greeted at the entrance by Flaska Reclinata

    You are greeted at the entrance by Flaska Reclinata

  • Flora and fauna in Pandora Land

    Flora and fauna in Pandora Land

  • Pandora at dawn

    Pandora at dawn

  • Pandora at dusk

    Pandora at dusk

  • Pandora merchandise

    Pandora merchandise

  • Avatar Flight of Passage boarding area

    Avatar Flight of Passage boarding area

  • Pandora at night

    Pandora at night

  • Na'vi River Journey Shaman

    Na'vi River Journey Shaman

= Cara's Favorite

Avatar Flight of Passage

Fly on the back of a winged mountain banshee during an exhilarating, 3D ride in the heart of the Valley of Mokara. Begin in an airlock where you link to your very own Avatar counterpart before heading into the flight simulator. Board what looks like a small motorcycle where a back restraint locks you in for your adventure.

Then get ready for one big “wow” as you plunge and swoop in and around mind-boggling scenery while wind, sea spray, and heady scents add to the overwhelmingly fabulous experience. I guarantee you will be speechless upon departure. Hands down, one of Disney’s best attractions to date and not to be missed!

4-minute ride.

Na'vi River Journey

On this low-key attraction, float down the Valley of Mokara’s Navi River onboard a reef boat. In this sacred bioluminescent rainforest, peacefully drift downstream while encountering a series of caves and glowing plant life before meeting Na’vi Shaman of Songs, an Audio-Animatronic creature who sends positive energy through the power of music.

4 1/2-minute ride.

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