Theme Parks

At Disneyland® Resort there are two exciting theme parks, Disneyland® Park and Disney California Adventure® Park. Disneyland was Walt’s dream and his creation, as wonderful as ever, continues on for yet another generation to love and enjoy. Who can resist zipping down Splash Mountain, that charming pink Sleeping Beauty Castle, or the sentimental Fantasyland attractions that we remember as kids? “The Happiest Place on Earth” remains in many aspects as it was in the’50s—nostalgic, enchanting, and enduring. I think nothing can beat this glorious theme park.

California Adventure has evolved into an exciting and interesting destination. Here the theme is The Golden State, beginning with early 20th century Los Angeles as it was when Walt first arrived in Los Angeles. After adding a sensational new “land,” entirely updated and revised areas, and re-“imagineered” attractions, California Adventure has finally come into its own, fit to stand across the plaza from its sister park, Disneyland.

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