Magic Kingdom® Park Dining

  •  Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen's zany waitstaff

    Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen's zany waitstaff

  • Be Our Guest

    Be Our Guest
    One of the most difficult tickets in town for dinner.

  • The changing portrait in Be Our Guest West Wing

    The changing portrait in Be Our Guest West Wing

  • Cinderella's Royal Table

    Cinderella's Royal Table

  • Crystal Palace

    Crystal Palace

  • Tony's Town Square

    Tony's Town Square
    Italian food on Main Street U.S.A®.

  • Tony's Town Square patio definitely has the view

    Tony's Town Square patio definitely has the view

= Cara's Favorite

Be Our Guest

French-inspired cuisine. Table-service lunch and dinner.

A pair of minotaur are your greeters as you cross a stone bridge and into the Beast’s castle and this fantasy of a restaurant. Inside the Beast’s castle has been recreated from the terrazzo floors to the massive chandeliers and cherubs frolicking on a frescoed, domed ceiling, even suits of armor lining the hallways with royal purple and gold décor. Three dining rooms are all themed and all wonderful, if not a bit chaotic: The Grand Ballroom where music from Beauty and the Beast plays and your view outside the tall, arched windows is one of softly falling snow in a moonlit sky; the darker, more sinister West Wing where intermittent thunder and lightning set the scene as a portrait hanging over the fireplace changes from the prince to the beast as an enchanted rose slowly loses its petals; and the Castle Gallery, Belle’s library where larger-than-life Belle and the Beast are dancing.

Sorry, I almost forgot about the food, which is good, particularly when the Magic Kingdom and great food are rarely used in the same sentence. Both lunch and dinner are a prix fixe meal of French-inspired fare with starters such as French onion soup, nice and bubbly with crusty cheese and a simpler broth than most, and creamy lobster bisque, ooh la la! Unfortunately, the pork tenderloin with crispy pork belly and pork jus sometimes arrive a bit overcooked, so to be safe, you may want to go with the sea scallops with seasonal risotto or everyone’s favorite, the filet mignon with a red wine puree.

Cara’s Tip: This, along with Cinderella’s Royal Table, is the most difficult reservation to get at Magic Kingdom.


Cinderella’s Royal Table

Contemporary American cuisine. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Those who want to feel like a six-year-old again should plan to dine in Cinderella’s fairy-tale castle, a medieval dream with solid stone floors, shining shields, dazzling suits of armor, and resplendent banners. Up a spiral staircase is the grand dining room where through glittering leaded-glass windows is a bird’s-eye view of Fantasyland. It’s a great respite from the crowds below with satisfying if not great food and where everyone is a prince or princess waited on by “royal attendants” clad in Renaissance clothing.

All meals are hosted by an assortment of Disney princesses.

Cara’s Tip: While it’s an uber-popular place to dine, it’s only worth the high price tag if little ones, particularly little princesses, are part of your vacation party.


The Crystal Palace

Southern food in a greenhouse-inspired restaurant on Main Street U.S.A. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet.


Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen

Tropical cuisine. Lunch and dinner.


Liberty Tree Tavern

American cuisine served family style. Lunch and dinner prix fixe.


Plaza Restaurant

American cuisine. Lunch and dinner.


Tony's Town Square Restaurant

Italian cuisine. Lunch and dinner.


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