Liberty Square Area

Celebrate a time when 13 colonies banded together to declare their independence, a time of revolution, a time when simple men became heroes. Colonial America has been re-created here in the delightful cobblestone streets lined with stately Georgian brick mansions and simple clapboard buildings. In the center of the square is a replica of the famous Liberty Bell (crack and all) and a pillory popular for picture taking (who can resist crime and punishment). And don’t miss the 138-year-old live oak Liberty Tree with 13 lanterns hanging from the branches, a traditional colonial symbol of the American freedom of speech and assembly.

  • Charming Liberty Square houses

    Charming Liberty Square houses

  • Liberty Square bridge

    Liberty Square bridge

  • Haunted Mansion ghost graveyard

    Haunted Mansion ghost graveyard

  • The Hall of Presidents

    The Hall of Presidents

  • Liberty Square Riverboat

    Liberty Square Riverboat
    Hop onboard for a trip on the Rivers of America.

  • Liberty Square Riverboat rounding the bend

    Liberty Square Riverboat rounding the bend

  • Liberty Square's Liberty Bell

    Liberty Square's Liberty Bell

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The Hall Of Presidents

Haunted Mansion®

Eerie sounds, toppled fountains, unkempt grounds, and not even a hint of a smile on the faces of the creepy cast member servants cause a definite sense of foreboding on approach to this Tudor-style, redbrick mansion in Liberty Square. While in line choose from one of two queues: the left side offers an interactive graveyard overlooking the Rivers of America where there’s plenty of spooky fun, or go the shorter right-hand route where you’ll head directly into the gargoyle-guarded Stretch Room. Here your “ghost host” asks all to gather tightly in the “dead” center of the room and warns that “there is no turning back.” Then board a “doom buggy”, your conveyance through this dusty, ghostly retreat where many terrific special effects and hair-raising sounds up the ante. And beware hitchhiking ghosts who always pull a prank or two for a hilarious ending. Even though it may sound frightening, it’s nothing but fun, and only the smallest and most timid of children might become alarmed.

9-minute ride.

Cara’s Tip: If you’re prone to allergies, don’t worry; the “dust” used here is an artificial, nonallergenic material.

Liberty Square Riverboat

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