Discovery Island®

After making your way through the Oasis, cross the bridge over the Discovery River into the park’s central hub, Discovery Island®. Here visitors congregate to wander streets filled ]storefront facades carved with folk art animals. And here, all eyes are immediately drawn to the focal point of the park, the impressive Tree of Life®.

  • Tree of Life®

    Tree of Life®
    The best photo opportunity of the tree is found on the path between Africa and Asia.

  • Tree of Life® detail

    Tree of Life® detail

  • Discovery River

    Discovery River
    Circling the park is this mysterious river where spectacular views of the park can be had.

  • Nomad Lounge

    Nomad Lounge
    One of Disney's best places for cocktails

= Cara's Favorite

It's Tough to be a Bug!® Attraction

A favorite opening act is a stinkbug who accidentally lets his smelly, gaseous fumes rip into the crowd. As the show progresses, you’ll be doused with bug spray, stung sharply in the back, and showered with termite acid, all innocently achieved through special effects. Receive one final surprise as the beetles, maggots, and cockroaches exit safely ahead of you. What a great show, a highlight of the park!

Eight-minute show.

Cara’s Tip: This may be one attraction too intense for young children, particularly when Hopper, the despicable grasshopper from A Bug’s Life, scares the dickens out of every young child in the audience.

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