Adventures By Disney®

Who knows families better than Disney, and who better to show you the world and lead you on a unique travel experience? With over thirty guided itineraries in 25+ countries across six continents, guests can choose from a trip to Machu Picchu in Peru, the Scottish Highlands, exotic Southeast Asia, or somewhere closer to home such as America’s National Parks. In the summer months, there’s the chance to combine a Mediterranean or Northern Europe cruise with a shore side Adventures By Disney® vacation, the best of both worlds. And now even long weekends to New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, and San Francisco are on offer; and internationally Paris, Budapest, Barcelona, Copenhagen, London, Rome, and Amsterdam.

Adventures By Disney vacations connect you to the destination in unforgettable ways. You become participants in the story of the country you are visiting. For instance, while strolling through the labyrinth of streets in Venice, you suddenly bump into “Marco Polo” in a charming courtyard. The children gather ‘round and listen in rapt attention as he speaks of his adventures traveling the world. Or, while adults take in the sites of the Roman Colosseum, children learn about gladiators and even try out a sword and shield in a mock fight. In Cambodia, adults explore the wonders of Angkor Wat’s temples while the kids take a treasure hunt in a traditional tuk-tuk vehicle. At Paris’s Louvre museum, children join their Adventure Guide on a detective mission in search of clues among the masterpieces while their parents explore more traditionally.

Insider access is a significant difference with Adventures By Disney. In these places, visitors are seldom allowed for unique behind-the-scenes glimpses into exotic locales and select events around the globe. These are extraordinary experiences not available to the general public! And not only will you see the famous sites but you’ll meet the locals as well. In Florence, participate in pasta or pizza-making class; in Venice, make your very own carnival mask. You can even stroll in Merida’s shoes and learn archery in Scotland’s Glamis Castle, ride a pony through the forest, and compete in Disney’s version of the Highland Games.

Local guides lead you through each destination, but two very entertaining Adventure Guides are always on hand to sweat the details throughout the trip and guarantee that every aspect of your journey perfect. They take photos ad infinitum, and you’ll not only end up with personalized postcards but all your photos downloadable online at the end of the trip—perfect reminders of your fabulous vacation. Another nice touch is that parents and children get a break from each other at least one evening when Junior Adventurers enjoy a special event with their Adventure Guides while the adults sneak off for a romantic meal on their own. And better still, the children return with both fond memories of their destination as well as enduring bonds formed with their newfound friends.

For each Adventures By Disney vacation, there is a minimum age for participation and also a “recommended” age that Disney feels is the “sweet spot” where a child will truly enjoy this type of trip. Included in the cost of your vacation are airport transfers (such welcome conveniences for arrivals and departures in unknown destinations), accommodations, luggage service, entrance and activity fees, daily breakfast, most lunches, and several dinners. Gratuities are included except for your two Adventure Guides, which is left to your discretion. Your mode of transportation is a luxury motorcoach where you might even catch a Disney movie on one of your long-haul days traveling from one city to another.

So get ready, you’re about to embark on a fantastic adventure of discovery, learning, and the sheer joy of traveling the world!

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