La Cava del Tequila Menu

Specialty Cocktails

Blood Orange Margarita - Ambhar blanco tequila, orange liqueur, sweet-tart mix of blood orange, hint of rum and vanilla, Tajín chile-lime powder rim 16.00

Dragones Top Shelf - Casa Dragones blanco tequila, La Favorite orange liqueur, agave nectar, freshly squeezed lime juice. Served on the rocks with black ant salt rim 22

Pina Loca - Ginger pineapple juice, ilegal mezcal, Ancho Reyes chile liquor, black ant salt rim 16.00

The Wild One - Teremana blanco tequila, mango-passion fruit purée, Ancho Verde chile liqueur, lime juice, applejack and ginger cordial, black ant salt rim 16

El Negroni - Oaxacan style Mexican negroni with Gracias a Dios Gin, Ojo de Tigre mezcal, sweet vermouth, Aperol, Ancho Reyes liquor, applejack and coffee liquor 16

La Cava Avocado - Tromba blanco tequila, melon liqueur, fresh avocado and lime juice. Served frozen with hibiscus salt rim 15.50

El Diablo - Tromba blanco tequila, fresh lime juice, agave, cucumber-jalapeño juice, hibiscus salt rim 15.00


Dos Equis draft - 20 oz 8.75

Mexican Michelada made with draft Beer, tomato-clam, orange and lime juices, Worcestershire, Maggi seasoning Valentina and soy sauces 14.00


Mexican Sangria - made with Red Wine, Tequila, orange liquor, agave nectar and fruit juices 14.00


Tequila Blanco 12 - 21

Tequila Liqueurs 9 -13

Tequila Reposado 9 -36

Tequila Anejo 15 -75

Mezcal 10 - 41

Specialty and Extra Anejo Tequila 17 -240

Bacanora 16

Raclcilla 14 - 41

Sotol 14 - 32

Supreme Tequila Flight 195


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