Peacock Alley Casual Bites Menu

Lounge Plates

Charcuterie and Cheese Board (To Share) 38

Chef selection of Imported Artisan Charcuterie and Cheeses with Traditional Accoutrement and Fresh Sourdough Bread

Peacock Artisan Cheese Board (To Share) 36

Vermont Bijou, Pleasant Ridge, Saint Angel Triple Cream, Comte AOC, Alta Langa La Tur, Fontina Val d’Aosta DOP, Accompanied by Traditional Condiments and Sourdough Bread

Truffle Devilled Eggs 10 Mediterranean Hummus 13.50

Sriracha, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grilled Naan

Shrimp Cocktail 21

Cocktail Sauce, Lemon Thyme Marinated

Chips and Salsa 14

Tortilla Chips, Salsa - Add Guacamole 5

Buffalo Wings 19

Choice of Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressing, Celery and Carrot Sticks

Crab Cakes 26

Lump Maryland Style Crab Cake, Sweet Corn Relish, Piquillo Pepper Coulis

Sandwiches & Entrees

All sandwiches are served with kettle chips

Filet Sliders 22

CAB Filet, House Bacon & Tomato Jam, Local Arugula, Onion Strings, Brioche Buns

Torchio Pomodoro 22 VG
Roasted Wild Mushroom, Blistered Heirloom Cherry Tomato, Asparagus, Spinach, Torchio Pasta,

House Red Sauce, Basil - Enhance with Chicken $7 Salmon $8

Waldorf Astoria Signature Burger 20

CAB Butcher Blend, Roasted Tomato, Farms Arugula, Gruyère Cheese, Chef’s Sauce, Brioche Bun

Fried Chicken Sandwich 20

Double-Fried Free Range Chicken Breast, Pickle Aioli, Spicy Slaw, Brioche Roll


Caesar Salad 15

Fresh Cut Romaine, DOP Parmesan, Focaccia Crouton, House-made Caesar Dressing Enhance with Chicken $7 Salmon $8

Heirloom Salad 19

Burrata Cheese, Heirloom Tomatoes, Arugula and Sunflower Seed Pesto, Ciabatta Crostini

Sweet Offerings

German Chocolate Cake 14

Key Lime Pie 12

Red Velvet Cake 14

Mascarpone Cream Cheese Icing


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