Sanaa Breakfast

Kuamasha Breakfast Entrees

Eggs Benedict - Two-poached Brown Eggs, Farmer’s Ham, Spice Route Hollandaise, Arugula and Berries 12.99

Enriching Grains and Fruit - Mixed Grains, Seasonal Fruit, South African Rusk and Coconut Milk Yogurt 11.99

Boere Breakfast - Two Cage-free Eggs with African Home Fries, House-made Boerewors Sausage, Bacon and a Coconut Drop Biscuit 10.99

Shahi Tukra French Toast - Saffron-scented Sultan Raisins, Whipped Chai Cream and Almonds 9.99

Methi Paratha Wrap - Scrambled Eggs, Potatoes Masala, Gouda, Chermoula and Papaya Achar $9.99

Shakshouka Baked Cage-free Eggs - Harissa-spiced Tomatoes with Kalamata Olive, Aged Gouda and Mana’eesh Bread 11.99

Kuamasha Breakfast Kids’ Meals

Kid’s Explorer Platter - One Cage-free Egg served Any Style, African Home-fries, Bacon and a Coconut Drop Biscuit 4.99

Kids’ Waffle - Two Mickey Waffles and Bacon 6.29


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